RENOVATE: to restore something old to a good state of repair; to reinvigorate; refresh; revive.

An idea is often the result of a collision of some  kind, a comment, an event, circumstances.  My idea arose from moving back to England after a spell abroad and realising that the people I had left behind had not been waiting patiently for my return but had moved on with their lives, including my now grown up children. Circumstances led to us selling our much loved family home that we had built ourselves. After 15 months in temporary accommodation we bought a house that was sorely in need of updating and which came with a beautiful but recently neglected 2 acre garden.   I would describe myself as a novice gardener at best!

The ‘idea collision’ was caused by a throwaway comment by my sister-in-law who said that we had potentially 20 good quality years left in which to re-invent ourselves and learn new things.

This ‘collision’ led to me starting this blog – Renovatingmum – to follow the renovation of the house and gardens.  Along the way I hope to learn new skills and meet interesting people who have themselves started new journeys later in life.  At the very least I hope to discover some lovely coffee shops to blog in!


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