A little bit about me

Since 2009 my life has been – well interesting I suppose.  In that year I lost both my Mother and my Mother-In-Law, had 2 back operations and moved to live in Egypt.  During the next 5 years I lived in 5 countries, suffered a large financial loss – stay with me it gets better! – lived through the Egyptian revolution, returning to the UK in 2014.

My husband stayed abroad and I returned to live in our lovely house in Essex.  We had built the house ourselves and it was a much-loved family home.  Sadly it became clear that we could not really afford to stay and so I set about selling the house and looking for a new challenge.  Selling the house proved relatively easy, finding another one proved more difficult and I spent the next 15 months in temporary accommodation with basically one suitcase and a couple of boxes of personal effects.  Everything else was put in store.

2016 whilst difficult – its amazing how easy it is to convince yourself that you are very chilled and can cope with things – was also wonderful as my eldest son married his beautiful girlfriend in a magical Italian wedding.  My one suitcase was increased to three as a result!

Hot on the tail of the wedding I managed to find a 1960’s house in need of updating on a stunning plot.  We moved in on the 22nd December and celebrated a wonderful Christmas in our new home.

It needs complete renovation, there is no heating, the electrics need re-wiring, new windows, insulation – well you get the picture but it is, in the words of a well-known TV programme all about location, location, location!

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