The main things that attracted me to the house were the grounds and the location.  The first time I walked round the property I kept finding hidden areas amongst the nearly 2.5 acres of grounds.  There was a large open garden area bordered by large trees with views over adjoining parkland.  This led to a small coppice perfect for a tree house and adventures for the grandchildren we hoped to have.
IMG_3945IMG_4396.JPGIMG_4175.JPGIMG_4178.JPGIMG_4964.jpgIMG_4669.JPGTo the east of the house there was a secluded sitting area from which a meandering pathway lead to a kitchen garden with an old, but perfectly useable greenhouse, to the South a rose garden bordered by lavender and to the west another less formal garden space.  The house sat centrally within its plot with a gravel driveway leading to the front door.  The atmosphere was calm and welcoming.  The views were stunning and all that I could hear were the cows. Perfect.

Except the gardens had not had a lot of attention in the last few years, the kitchen garden had not been worked in a while, trees needed attending to, brambles attacking.  But a bit like the friends who viewed my ‘new’ kitchen all I could see was the space, the beauty and overall vision of the place.  Moreover I could see myself living there.  Within minutes of arriving at the property I had decided that I would buy it!

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