I’m a townie – I am.  I love big cities, the buzz, the noise, the bars, restaurants, exhibitions – I even sometimes like the people.  My idea of heaven is a wander around a street market, followed by brunch, followed by an art gallery, followed by a drink in a – preferably – roof top, bar, followed by dinner.  Repeat.

I am not a gardener – sure I have pottered around my previous garden – more likely though I could be found with a coffee and a gardening book.  I can’t really name plants or trees or identify edible mushrooms.  I don’t like rodents – hate flies and the sounds of the countryside are louder in my ears than any city traffic.

So I’m not sure why I find myself in a house in the middle of the countryside, with no discernible countryside skills and loving it!

So having got ourselves to stage 1, which was getting the house into a habitable state I found myself faced with tackling the garden whilst we mulled over what to do in terms of proper renovations.  Never good to rush these things.  Our last house took 5 years to build! I wanted to get to know the house first.  Which bits did we really like, where did the light come from, which views did we want to see on a daily basis, how did the house flow – or not – all of that takes time to understand.  So I decided I would start a kitchen garden.

Cue several gardening books, coffee, blogs and wine – not necessarily in that order!



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