So while ideas for the house were percolating around my head we turned our attention to the kitchen garden.  Hubby thought it would be a great project to do together and I felt it was a productive way to entertain myself whilst I was house planning.  A new challenge as I had never grown any veg before other than some tomatoes in a grow bag.

The kitchen garden had not been worked for a while but the bare bones were there – greenhouse, fruit frame, apple trees and two vegetable beds.  So we ( that means I) set to work firstly cleaning the green house and disinfecting it, tidying and cutting back the old raspberry canes and weeding the old beds.  To be fair hubby did dig a new bed and put up netting over the fruit cage.


Next what to grow?  I read all my – four – books on vegetable growing and lots of blogs.  Hours were spent pouring over seed catalogues and I picked the brains of friends who were keen growers.  The one thing that emerged was that you should pick 4 or 5 easy to grow vegetables and see how they turn out.  Great advice.




I have grown EVERYTHING!!  Tomatoes – 4 types, aubergines, peppers – 3 types, chillies – 2 types, lettuce, broad beans, purple beans, runner beans, peas, leeks, cabbage – 2 types, beetroot – 2 types, spinach – perpetual and baby, broccoli, potatoes – first ear lies, second earlies and 2 types of main crop, carrots – 2 types, parsnips, courgettes, fennel, swede, celeriac, squash – 4 types, red onions, white onions and shallots. Plus raspberries and strawberries. Oh and loads of herbs.


I made endless lists of varieties, sketched out a planting plan following the rules of rotation and then quickly broke most of them, I bought the seed, sowed them, pricked them out, transplanted the seedlings, put them into their final growing positions, weeded, fed and chatted to them.  Hubby dug in some compost and built a couple of wigwams for the beans.

I’m so glad that we did this project together!

And you know what – everything has grown!

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